Welcoming Chanukah in Song

Friday, December 11 at 5:30pm on Zoom

Sarit will be joined by guest musician David Perolman (as well as some additional talent!) for a selection of Chanukah music. We will be sharing a mix of tunes, from traditional favorites, to children’s classics and even some new interpretations of the holiday music. All ages welcome!

We will be lighting Chanukah candles together towards the beginning of the program and then be lighting Shabbat Candles (with Kiddush and Motzi) to close out the evening. If you need assistance sourcing Chanukah candles please contact Sarit.

Please RSVP to HHEdDirector@gmail.com for connection info.

With health concerns at the forefront we aren’t gathering in the traditional way this year. However, we hope to have friendly faces from both Havurah, Dave’s community in Rhode Island as well as friends and relatives from far afield who wish to welcome Chanukah and Shabbat together with music and loving community.

Come spread some light with us!!!