Tikkun Olam and Volunteerism are a driving force behind Havurah.

We always need volunteers to help organize, to share ideas and initiate programs to help us make improvements and strengthen relationships in our own community and in the community at large. We cannot do this without our dedicated volunteers!

Our Tikkun Olam committee members are always looking for help:

Lois Kraus    Marita Schine     Jane Steele

There are many ways to lend a hand:

-Help execute programming logistics (set up chairs and tables or direct traffic in the driveway)

-Drive an elderly/disabled member to and from services or programs

-Help serve Community Lunches or bake for the Community Supper

-Volunteer time to one of our numerous Havurah projects

-Help out with Hebrew School (chaperone a “field trip”, participate in an Assembly or give extra help to a struggling student)

-Assist in building the Sukkah or decorating the social hall for the Purim Carnival

These are just a few examples. The possibilities are endless and the help is always welcomed and appreciated.