Havurah (noun, Hebrew: chah-voo-rah), a small fellowship or group who assemble for prayer,  communal experiences, and shared learning.

Havurah of Addison County is an inclusive, non-denominational Jewish community serving Vermont towns between Burlington and Rutland.Havurah House sketch

We welcome a broad range of traditions. Because our community comprises a rich diversity of  backgrounds, we are a volunteer-driven and lay-led congregation seeking to create unique Jewish experiences. Our membership is comprised of individuals and families from all walks of life including the interfaith and LGBTQ+ communities.

Our home is Havurah House, located at 56 North Pleasant Street in Middlebury. The house was generously donated to Havurah by the Lazarus family, and renovated with funds raised from the membership. It is now a fully functioning house of prayer, study, and celebration, with classroom space to serve our Hebrew School, a sanctuary, and a social hall.