Come help build the Havurah sukkah

SUKKAH BUILDING on Sunday, September 23

On Sunday, September 23, we will put up the sukkah behind Havurah House.

We will meet at Havurah House between 1-2pm to begin the construction and decorating.

It should go up quickly if we have at least 4 to 6 volunteers working together.

Hardcore construction skills are NOT required.

It helps just to have people hold walls in place while others do the attaching.

We will have enough ladders and drills (but feel free to bring your own).

A pair of work or gardening gloves is recommended.
Not a builder? That’s OK. You can help out in other ways like bringing a snack for the workers or bringing some decorations (corn, gourds and mini pumpkins)!

Adults and kids alike can assist at our decoration station. Come help make paper chains and other crafts to hang in and to beautify our sukkah.

 Please RSVP so we have a sense of how many helpers we have!