Shabbat and poetry

A small but mighty group gathered on Saturday, April 22, for a Shabbat confluence of Earth Day, National Poetry month, and Torah readings detailing prohibitions and possibilities of food and diets, from camels to pigs, pelicans and hawks. Many thanks to Margi Rogal for leading an Exquisite Corpse poetry collaborative, a poetry game that traces its roots to 1930s French Surrealists. Our poetic d’var Torah then, is shared below:

Limbs of a white pine spiral into the heavens,
Reminding me of camp in Maine in 1957
When the wind was fierce but exciting.
It blew forcefully breathing into you life.
Oh! After that, I need to catch my breath.
And I need food.
You shall not go hungry.
Stay with us,
Sing a song
From the 60’s.
The 1760’s were an exciting time, too.