Havurah Hangout: Cemetery Discussion

HAVURAH HANGOUT: Jewish Ways of Mourning
Sunday, November 6th at 7pm

Rabbi Ira Schiffer has been looking into the possibility of creating an “informal” Jewish section of the Middlebury Cemetery, off South Main Street, across from the College’s Center for the Arts. Since it’s not possible to “fence off a section,” if a number of individuals or families from Havurah purchased adjoining plots, this would create a de facto area of folks from our community. Apart from not being in a “dedicated Jewish cemetery,” the Middlebury Cemetery Association’s rules and regulations accommodate most traditional Jewish concerns about burial.

If you might be interested in this possibility, have other questions relating to this topic or simply want to learn more please join us for this informative session and discussion.

This is part of the ongoing discussion of the Havurah community’s pastoral needs. Even if you have not attended previous sessions you are encouraged to attend.
Please RSVP to help us plan our set up needs.