The Joy of Jewish Storytelling

typewriterCome join Ruth Gilbert for a Havurah Hangout

The Joy of Jewish Storytelling

Sunday, May 3 at 3:00 pm

Havurah House

56 N. Pleasant st.


From Ruth:

Something magical, and unexplainable, happens to me while I am telling a story.    My objective is to have my words form pictures in the mind’s eye of the listeners.  Together we are on a journey, but only one of us knows where the path will lead.  Jewish stories present an ethnic connection for us as Jews.  There is a familiarity that allows us to go deeper into the stories and characters. 

Stories find me. I might be reading an anthology or volume of short stories when I feel a connection or see some pictures in my mind of a particular story and know that is one I want to tell.  Then the process begins of finding what my connection is to the characters.  It is the work that storytellers go through.  Sometimes I don’t know until I am in the midst of telling it and then I have an ahh-haa moment.