Havurah Hangout Chanting with Rebecca Gould

Chanting with Rebecca Gould

Sunday, March 8, 3pm at Havurah

“The magic of chant is that just a few short words, simply repeated with sweet passion, deliberate intention, and refined beauty, can unlock treasure upon treasure of healing, wisdom, and love”

—Rabbi Shefa Gold, The Magic of Hebrew Chant


Have you heard Havurah’s chant group during High Holiday Services and wondered what chant was all about?  Are you drawn to chant, but not sure if you can carry a tune?  Do you think you need to know Hebrew to do it?

Chant is a sacred, contemplative practice that can be found in every religious tradition.  We are familiar with the ancient practice of leyning (chanting from the Torah scroll), but there are many contemporary Jewish chant modalities as well.

Now’s the time to give it a try!   Join Rebecca Gould (graduate of Kol Zimra — Rabbi Shefa Gold’s Chant Leadership Training Program), Emily Joselson and other members of our local chant group in exploring the practice of contemplative chant.  We will learn how chant “works” as a meditative, centering practice and we will learn some chants that often show up in Havurah services.  We will also explore some ways that you can bring chant into your own daily life, even if you don’t want to chant anywhere but in the shower!

You don’t need to be a “singer” or know how read to music.  Knowledge of Hebrew is also not necessary.  All you need is an open mind and heart and a willingness to try something new.  Come join us for an uplifting evening music, silence and renewal.