Programming Calendar 2022-2023

We have lots of incredible upcoming offerings at Havurah. Whether through our social, ritual, or educational programs, our ways to give back through mitzvah projects or social justice initiatives, we hope you will find opportunities to connect with the Havurah community! Have an event in mind but don’t see it here? Contact Sarit Katzew for more information on how to bring your ideas to life.

*Please note abbreviations:
SMS = Shabbat Morning Service
TS = Torah Study


Saturday 22 10am – Shabbat Morning Service and Torah Reading
Leyner: Robert Schine (Parashat Bereshit)
Thursday 27 6:45pm – Chant group
Saturday 29 – Film Screening ‘Monsieur le Butch’ and Q & A with director Jude, 5pm


Saturday 5 10am – SMS/TS (Lech Lecha)
Saturday 12 New Member Welcome Potluck (Joselson Hewat household – 23 South St)
Thursday 17 6:45pm- Chant Group
Saturday 19 10am – SMS/TS (Chayei Sarah)


Saturday 3 10am – SMS/TS (Vayetzei)
Thursday 15 6:45pm – Chant Group
Saturday 17 10am – SMS/TS (Vayeishev)
Sunday 18 5pm – Chanukah Party (Trubek Orchard or Havurah)


Saturday 7 10am – SMS/TS (Vayechi)
Thursday 19 6:45pm – Chant Group
Saturday 21 10am – Shabbat Morning Service (Vaera)- Social Justice Shabbat


Saturday 4 10am – SMS/TS (Beshalach)
Sunday 5 – Tu B’Shvat Seder
Thursday 16 6:45pm – Chant Group
Saturday 18 10am – SMS/TS (Mishpatim)


Saturday 4 10am – SMS/TS (Tetzaveh) Purim Themed
Monday 6 4pm – Hebrew School Purim Carnival
Thursday 16 6:45pm – Chant Group
Saturday 18 10am – SMS/TS (Vayakhel-Pekudei)


Thursday 6 5pm Community Seder (2nd Night Passover)
Monday April 17 – Yom HaShoah program
Thursday 20 6:45pm – Chant Group


Monday 15 3:30pm – Last Hebrew School Session
Thursday 18 6:45pm – Chant Group


Saturday 3 10am – Shabbat Morning Service & Ada Hellier Bat Mitzvah
Thursday 15 6:45pm – Chant Group

To Be Scheduled/In the Works:

Friday evening services
Havurah-Hillel Kabbalat Shabbat & Dinner
Havurah – picnic at local park (fall or late spring)
Potluck/social programs
Adult Ed offerings / lunch & learn
Mitzvah Bakers (Community Supper desserts, Friday during the day)
Annual meeting (June)