Passover & More 2023

Check out some additional resources to enhance your Passover experience at home

Click here to download a Passover Activity Packet from @thatJewishmoment

Click here to download a Social Justice Haggadah courtesy of The Rac

Click here for tips from on how to make your own Haggadah

Click here for resources from on ways to enhance your home seder experience

Click here for a Two Minute Haggadah from

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Resources from Sefaria including: A four-part email course with Rabbi Ami Silver, a scholar of Kabbalistic and Chasidic teachings: Paths to Freedom: A Mystical Passover Companion

Start creating your DIY Haggadah with family and friends, even across distances

Read about getting rid of chametz (leavened bread) before Passover

Passover Recipes from

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