Passover Seder 2023

Passover 2023 begins at sundown on Wednesday, April 5 and ends Thursday evening, April 13

The first Passover seder is on the evening of April 5 and the second Passover seder takes place on the evening of April 6.

Please join us for an in-person second night community Seder at Havurah House Thursday, April 6 at 5pm.

This year we are again having a potluck style dinner but we will be providing all of the ritual foods and drinks used throughout the Seder (Wine, Matzah, parsley, Charoset, Maror etc.) as well as refreshments and dessert. We will also be featuring Charoset recipes from around the globe!

We will sing and bless and tell stories and make memories together as a community. We will be offering children’s programming run by our wonderful Hebrew School staff. A special Haggadah is being compiled for this Seder and there will be opportunities to participate in many different ways. We hope you’ll join us!

There is a small fee to cover expenses of $5 per person. Please plan to bring your payment to the event.

We cannot wait to celebrate with you!

For questions and details please contact Sarit.

RSVP by Monday April 3 to help plan our set up needs. 

Please plan to park off site as parking is limited at Havurah House. 

Passover Kashrut Policy

Consistent with the principles established by the Havurah Kashrut Policy of February 2002 the following will be used for our Communal Pesach Seder. In establishing a symbolic, yet functional Pesach Kashrut policy for Havurah House (and Havurah events), we embrace the following principles:

Honoring the traditional prohibition against eating bread and pasta products

  1. Recognizing that some in our community follow the Ashkenazic practice of not eating rice and bean products
  2. Honoring the traditional prohibition against eating pork products and shellfish
  3. Honoring the traditional separation of meat and dairy

Implementation of the Kashrut Policy:

  1. No bread or pasta products
  2. Please note on an ingredient card if rice and/or bean products are in your dish
  3. Recognizing that some in our community follow a more traditional standard of Kashrut during Pesach, individuals or families may choose to bring their own meal so they may participate in the Communal Seder while honoring their personal Kashrut standard for the holiday
  4. No pork products or shellfish will be served in Havurah House
  5. Meat and dairy will not be mixed in the same dish, (Ex: chicken Parmesan)
  6. There will be two serving tables, one for meat dishes and one for dairy, fish and vegetarian dishes
  7. Individuals are free to take what they want, mixing or not mixing from the two tables. This presupposes that the tradition of maintaining separate meat and dairy utensils will not be followed.

This compromise policy honors and incorporates into Havurah communal culture some of the key aspects of Kashrut. It is our hope that with give and take in the spirit of mutual respect and goodwill we can continue to engage in fellowship, which after all, is what Havurah first meant some 2000 years ago.