Hebrew School

Havurah’s Hebrew School, beginning in 1st grade and continuing through Post Bar or Bat Mitzvah, is led by our Director of Education, along with community and parent educators and Middlebury College students. Our Hebrew School program is a weekly, student-centered program with music, projects, cooking, fieldtrips, and acts of tikkun olam and mitzvot. Our school program is also nut-free.

This year we are piloting a Post B’nei Mitzvah Class in an effort to expand our offerings for students who have completed the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program. We hope this new course will pave the way for further youth programming, including a Havurah Youth Group. To learn more, see our Post Bnei Mitzvah Class 2016-2017 materials.

We are also offering a new Hebrew Intensive Program beginning this fall. Our Director of Education, Sarit Katzew has an extensive background in Hebrew Studies and instruction and will be running this new initiative. Students will be grouped according to their Hebrew knowledge, based on language assessments conducted on the first day of school. Each group of students will meet regularly with Sarit, in addition to studying Hebrew as part of their regular classes. The curriculum is rooted in a formal text with an online component, and emphasizes Hebrew as a living language, as well as grammar and conversational elements. These pull-out sessions are meant to build on students’ existing skills and complement what they learn in class.

If you have any questions about our Hebrew School program please be in touch with Director of Education, Sarit Katzew at HHEdDirector@gmail.com

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