Hebrew School Dropoff & Pickup

Revised Dropoff & Pickup Policy January 2018

Parents will now have the choice of staying in their vehicle in the Havurah driveway for dropoff or pickup, or continuing to park off-site.

If using the driveway, parents must follow this traffic pattern (see the diagram below):


  1. Drive on the right at all times, and stay in the line of cars. Enter the driveway along the hedge, turn around at the far end of the driveway, then pull up alongside the house, using either the steps or the ramp to release or collect your child.
  2. Stay to the right when exiting the driveway (you may need to drive over some grass).
  3. Do not pass other vehicles; exit the driveway in order (you may need to wait).
  4. Children should never cross in front of traffic over to the hedge side of the driveway: they should ONLY enter or exit your vehicle NEXT TO THE HOUSE, using either the ramp or the steps.
  5. To the extent possible, at the end of the session, the children’s transition from the building to your vehicle will be supervised by volunteers (see “volunteering” below), teachers, or aides, who will aim to release children as their rides arrive.

If you decide to use the Havurah lot for dropoff and pickup, stay in your vehicle and follow the traffic pattern. There is no parking in the Havurah lot during drop-off and pickup hours so that traffic can flow.

In addition:

Make sure your child understands the procedure and your expectations.

For supervisory purposes, tell Sarit if you expect to be doing on-site drop-off and pickup on most days.

If you decide to park off-site and walk to Havurah, please consider the safety of this walk. If you do not want to cross Route 7, then park at one of these locations:

  1. The angled spots on Route 7 between Randy’s Service Center and the Congregational Church (NO parking in Randy’s perpendicular spots directly in front of his business)
  2. Seymour Street (parallel spots, or perpendicular spots near Rice restaurant)
  3. Parallel spots on Exchange Street alongside the old Greg’s Meat Market
  4. Main Street
  5. If you will be crossing Route 7, consider investing in a reflective vest and wrist/ankle bands for yourself and your child. These can be purchased at Vermont Field Sports or Agway.

If any of the following applies to your situation, you should park off-site and walk to Havurah to drop off or pick up your child:

  1. Your child has a physical, developmental, or other need to be with an adult at all times.
  2. You do not want your child to enter or exit the building without you.
  3. You need to talk to a staff member, or they have indicated in advance that they need to talk to you.
  4. You do not want to wait in your car in the line of traffic in the driveway.
  5. You believe that parking off-site is the safer or better choice.


Supervising dropoff and pickup is a great way to log some of the required hours of parent volunteer time.

*Remember, you must park off-site on any day when you are volunteering; there is no parking in the driveway during these times.

As the size and age range of our students change over the years, it is important to revisit and revise policies to best meet the current community needs. For any questions please feel free to contact the Director of Education or any Education Committee Member.

The Education Committee,

Pamela Berenbaum
Susan Greenberg
Suzanne Gurland
Sara Kutchukian